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Modular EPS insulated constructions vs. traditional constructions

Buildings, both residential and commercial, cost money. The expense is not just in the construction but also extends to its operational and maintenance aspects. Architects and builders are constantly trying to maximise their budgets to come up with cost-effective solutions. In this situation, building materials such as Intastor’s modular EPS insulated panels offer an innovative option that scores high in …

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How modular EPS insulated panels work

Intastor’s EPS insulated modular panels are well known for their energy efficiency and cost savings. In an industry where quality must often be compromised to stay within budget, modular panels come as a refreshing and welcome alternative to traditional building materials without having to sacrifice durability and quality while being cost-effective. Here is a brief overview of how this revolutionary …

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Why modular insulated panels are the most efficient way to build

Modular insulated panels are pre-engineered, green building materials that have revolutionized the construction industry through lower costs, reduced energy bills and minimal wastage. The biggest reason to consider Intastor’s EPS insulated modular panels for your next construction project is their contribution to the environment as green building material, being 100% non-toxic and recyclable. Why Intastor’s modular panels are eco-friendly Usually, …

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