Insulated panels for low cost housing versus traditional building material using advanced building technology

Intastor’s modular insulated panels provide housing through advanced building technology (ABT) while offering several advantages over traditional construction methods.  Once the domain of specialized controlled environments like cold rooms and freezer rooms, Intastor’s insulated panels are now used in a wide range of applications and offer a cost-effective solution through advanced building technology for people transiting from shack dwellings to traditional housing. The actual installation process facilitates the empowerment and skill building of local people in South Africa and neighbouring countries through local community projects.

With significant cost savings over traditional housing, insulated modular panels offer other important benefits. These are:

  • Quick and easy installation that saves time and money. The panels are manufactured offsite and brought to the site in prefabricated form. This means the structure, which may be a house, a school, a kitchen or other industrial application can be up within a few hours, which is practically impossible with traditional construction methods.
  • Insulated panels are environmentally friendly with zero wastage, both during manufacture and installation. The panels are built to exact specifications. They do not pollute the air as no preparation of materials is involved on site.
  • They are stronger and safer than traditional constructions, especially in terms of fire safety as they pass all the standard tests. Since there is no air in the EPS core, there is no oxygen, preventing the fire from flaring up. In fact, at Intastor we have carried out a full scale burnout test where a building with several items of furniture was set alight with fire. The entire structure collapsed only after 25 minutes, giving the occupants enough time to exit safely.
  • They offer freedom from pests, as the airtight insulated panels are finished in such a way that insects cannot infiltrate them. These houses are also built slightly above ground level to prevent dust, debris and water entry.
  • Modular insulated panels are better insulated and energy efficient, resulting in low heating bills in winter and low cooling bills in summer. There are no thermal breaks, and no long-term R-Value loss. Whatever the weather conditions outside, insulated panels maintain the temperature inside, resulting in less energy consumption, keeping out toxins and resulting in better indoor air quality.
  • Great choice in visual appeal besides being structurally sound and low maintenance, as the modular insulated panels are resistant to moisture, preventing them from rotting or developing mold. Expanded Polystyrene has high structural integrity, enabling it to maintain its shape indefinitely, making it resistant to age and weather.

As an innovative alternative to conventional construction options, Intastor’s insulated modular panels have been used in a variety of large-scale projects such as the Shoprite Checkers Port Elizabeth project and the Delft TRA low cost housing project that involved the manufacturing and installation of more than 1000 TRA houses. The entire house was delivered on site in kit form and quickly installed on site.

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