Intastor Isospan steel clad modular panels. Strong as steel!

The quality of a construction depends on the material used. While cost is an important factor, the efficiency of the material in terms of insulation is critical as it can result in tremendous savings throughout the life of the building. Besides living comfort regardless of the weather, it means lower heating and cooling costs. Considering the wide range of panels available in the market, choosing the appropriate one that meets all the requirement criteria is crucial.

At Intastor, as the leading provider of insulated modular panels throughout South Africa and the larger African continent, we are proud to offer our range of steel clad EPS insulated modular panels. These not only meet the stringent specifications of the most superior quality constructions, but are also cost-effective for a variety of applications such as low cost housing, cold storage, agriculture, food, pharmaceutical and education, to name a few.

Why Intastor’s steel clad panels are of a superior quality

Intastor’s Isospan panels offer design and architectural flexibility to the builder, in addition to being a sustainable, durable and safe option. Besides being economically viable, the steel clad panel has excellent resistance to fire, corrosion and pest invasion.

Here are three reasons why Intastor’s steel clad panels are superior:

  • The base steel sheet skins are coated with a 150-micron Aluzinc coating. This means 50% better corrosion resistance compared to the 100-micron coating normally used by other manufacturers.
  • Intastor’s Isospan panels have paint finishes that are up to 25% thicker on both primer and top coats.
  • Our panels are produced on a continuous production line. This assures a high quality of adhesion and size conformity.

Steel is durable and light, and is easy to transport. It can withstand extreme temperatures. Its structural integrity and the high “R-value” of the EPS insulation keep the construction straight without distortion even at high temperatures.

Since Isospan steel clad panels are modular, they reduce construction time, making it possible for architects and builders to stick to their deadlines.

Based on client specifications, the structure is pre-fabricated and delivered, ready to assemble and in kit form, at the construction site and does not require special skills or expertise to assemble. This enables the use of local labour, involving the community in raising the structure.

The inherent strength of steel and its long lifespan as a result of its corrosion resistance makes it possible to use it in just about any construction type or design, including retrofitting old buildings.

Since steel does not require to be treated with chemicals, pesticides and other toxic material, it is also safe to work with. This makes our panels environmentally friendly and durable.

The modular construction method means minimum material waste, both onsite and at the manufacturing end. With green constructions becoming the first choice, Isospan conforms to this aspect, being recyclable.

To sum up, when you choose Intastor’s Isopsan panels, the following are the benefits:

  • Sustainable and nontoxic construction material with zero CFC and HCFC emission, reduced carbon footprint
  • Durable, energy efficient and sturdy
  • Light weight and easy to transport
  • EPS provides an airtight building envelope to sustain indoor air quality
  • Corrosion and moisture resistance, keeping away pests and mould and resulting in lower maintenance and repair costs
  • Hygienic, making it the best option for food and pharma industry
  • Resistance to fire and heat, therefore safe, smoke free
  • Soundproof
  • Structural stability
  • Fully customizable and versatile in its application in both residential and commercial construction.

Intastor offers design, manufacture and installation services for all types of constructions. For more information on Isospan steel clad modular panels, please get in touch with us.

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