Intastor’s EPS modular panels – the first choice for housing solutions

Intastor has become involved in massive housing projects in Forest Village and Blackheath where the application is for mid and low-cost housing, TB clinics and crèches.

As a leading provider of affordable housing, Intastor designs, manufactures and installs high-quality, low-cost, prefabricated housing made from our modular EPS insulated panels. Aware of the government’s need for delivering low-cost housing in impoverished communities, Intastor has developed solutions that are not only cost-effective, safe and well-insulated, but also easy to install.

The main benefits of Intastor’s housing solutions

Intastor’s housing solutions create a sense of pride among locals, besides creating employment, improving skill development and boosting the local economy, while providing solutions to housing needs. As most of the labour for constructing and erecting the housing comes from the local community, this facilitates self-empowerment, improving their livelihood.

Intastor provides customised housing solutions as per client specifications using a variety of modular insulated panel options that are in line with the customer’s budget, making the project cost-effective.

Since the modular units can be securely locked, they improve safety, which is valuable in areas with high crime statistics. The panels are also fire retardant, which is a mandate in this type of housing development.

While Intastor’s modular EPS insulated roofing, ceiling, wall and flooring panels find their application in a wide range of commercial and residential projects of all sizes, they are especially suitable for the following:

  • Emergency housing, requiring disaster relief and the urgent erection of TRA camps for communities that have suffered losses due to fire, flooding, illegal or forced eviction and acts of public unrest.
  • Gap housing, which refers to a gap in the market between residential units supplied by the government and the houses actually delivered by the private sector. This market includes individuals whose income ranges from R3500 to R15000 a month. They can neither afford the private property market nor do they qualify for state assistance.
  • Social housing, which is medium density, affordable rental housing for low and middle income households. Social housing is an affordable option that aligns with economic and social amenities.

Our in-house manufacturing facility has a monthly capacity of approximately 30 000m2 of panels on a single shift, five days a week. We produce insulated modular panels on a continuous automated panel lamination line. Our product range includes:

  • Insulated roofing panels that provide a fast track integrated roof and ceiling solution and can span an impressive seven metres, without the extensive supporting trusses and beams, saving enormous costs. The panels range from 50mm to 150mm in thickness and come pre-painted with anti-corrosion LFQ mild steel which is especially suitable for South Africa. The polystyrene core is fire retardant and permanently bonded to a steel substrate, allowing for easy maintenance. The insulation reduces external heat on especially warm days, keeping the interiors comfortably cool. Being soundproof, EPS reduces outside noises such as rain and traffic while keeping energy costs low, thereby reducing carbon footprint.
  • Insulated modular wall panels that complement our roofing system and are used in cladding walls. They are available in a variety of profiles, dimensions and thicknesses.

All our insulated panels are structurally strong and easy to install with zero material wastage, since all panels are delivered in kit form, ready to assemble with the help of local labour.

Low building costs, minimal maintenance and the ability to block heat transfer, result in savings. The pre-painted galvanised steel used in our panels outperforms standard galvanised roof sheeting in durability and aesthetics. Our panels are mould-resistant.

Our panel and roofing solutions are certified by the NHBRC in terms of the Housing Consumer Protection Measures Act , Act 95 of 1998 as well as other key regulatory bodies. The Intastor Profile Modular Roofing System is approved by the NHBRC for use in all types of housing developments.

Intastor invites you to get in touch with us to discuss your building and construction needs. We cater to projects of all types and sizes, including new construction and retrofits. Do contact us to discuss your requirements!


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