Intastor’s Health And Safety policy

Insulated modular panels are a revolutionary alternative to conventional building systems, making it easier, safer and cost-effective to construct on location thus making the whole process more efficient. Besides offering a greener option in building materials with multiple use and design options, strong visual appeal and energy efficiency, insulated modular panels enable the prefabrication of structures like school classrooms and kitchens and stand-alone houses, minimising the time and labour spent on site and allowing for better quality control. An added benefit is energy efficiency as mentioned, but the greatest advantage of this building method is the involvement of the local community, both in the delivery and installation process. The required structure, which can be anything from an add-on room to an entire house, can be quickly delivered and erected.

At Intastor, our diverse offering includes the design, manufacture and installation of our own insulated modular panels, insulated roofing panel systems, insulated modular wall panels and expanded polystyrene insulation at our manufacturing facility. These are used in our projects to create clean rooms, pack houses and wine cellars, controlled atmosphere storage facilities, cold room facilities, cold room repair, insulated rooms, prefabricated buildings and low cost housing.

In addition to stringent quality standards, we also have a strong occupational health and safety policy in place for our employees and all those involved in building, delivering and installing our products.

With our widely diversified project range, at Intastor, we believe that each employee enjoys the right to a safe and healthy work place, and we strive to maintain a cheerful atmosphere that encourages growth. Our family of employees work with the confidence that they will return home each day without injury, satisfied not only about belonging to an environment that cares but with the pride that they have done their part in protecting the environment, nurturing it for future generations.

Intastor is registered with the Workmen’s Compensation Fund for Injuries and Diseases. Some of our specific health and safety initiatives are:

  • In tune with an environmental plan we have a dedicated Environmental Officer who is responsible for ensuring that all hazardous and waste products are collected and dealt with in the prescribed manner.
  • A Safety and Recovery Fall Protection Plan for each work site based on specific needs
  • We adhere to the Occupational Health and Safety Act (85 of 1993 as amended) in relation to all appointments and delegations.
  • Risk assessments are implemented as per each site or customer requirements and potential hazards are brought to the attention of all employees.
  • We maintain all records related to Safe Word Method Statement and SHE Plan. The SHE Plan or management plan for the contract includes names and phone numbers of responsible people as well as the tools required along with lists of hazardous equipment for safe handling.
  • Each employee undergoes an annual medical surveillance by an occupational health and safety medical practitioner.
  • A detailed Occupational Health and Safety file is maintained for each site. This incorporates all the necessary details along with the relevant site registers.

Our goal, at Intastor is to make a positive difference in the community, assisted by happy employees who enjoy their role in the company while working for the betterment of their local communities through a durable, safe, low-maintenance and energy-efficient building solution without compromising on quality.

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