Intastor’s Roofing Panel System – Protection, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

A tight building envelope is the goal of every builder and architect, regardless of the size and type of construction, since their priority is energy savings. This, in turn, minimises operational costs. One of the things that make this possible, is the proper use of insulation in building material.

This is especially true for roofing, which defends a building from natural hazards. When a living space is heated, the warm air rises and escapes through the roof, resulting in the use of more energy to heat the cool air that automatically enters the space. Installing a quality roofing system that can withstand extreme weather elements can help you save on energy consumption and cost, as it is more efficient in protecting your space from the elements.

Intastor specialise in manufacturing and supplying top quality insulated and pre-painted mild steel substrate roofing panels.

How Intastor’s roofing panels are made

Our state of the art continuous line laminator produces over 30,000 square meters per month on a single shift system. The roofing panels are made using extremely durable coated materials and high quality insulation cores.

Intastor’s roofing panels have a 15ZD FR polystyrene core permanently bonded to the steel underside, and an inverted box rib profiled steel topside. This is easy to clean, while ensuring that external heat from the outside is reduced – especially on hot days, creating a comfortable living space. The sandwich design allows a 120mm roof panel that spans seven metres minus support beams, making it look clean and uncluttered.

We offer three insulation thicknesses and can produce the panels to any length. Depending on client specifications, the panels can be supplied with optional accessories that include screws, washers, receiver channels, rivets, gutters, and more.

Benefits of using Intastor’s roofing panels

The most important benefits are:

  • Light-weight, yet sturdy
  • High thermal efficiency and economy
  • Easy to install, fast construction
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic with zero CFC
  • No site preparation or down time
  • Maintains room temperature
  • Is hygienic and versatile in application
  • Tighter building envelope and weatherproofing
  • Fire resistant
  • Vapour barrier in the EPS insulation makes it moisture-resistant, and thereby keeps it mould resistant and pest-free
  • Aesthetically pleasing with different finishes as per your requirement
  • Meetings all stringent building codes

Another advantage of the interlocking fitting system is a water-tight and airtight seal, maintaining interior air quality and temperature, saving energy costs. Insulated panels are built with a high strength-to-weight ratio. This means we can manufacture the panels in various sizes as per requirement. This also means design flexibility as they can be made in a variety of finishes and colors without compromising aesthetics.

Perhaps the most important feature of Intastor’s roofing panel system is its 100% recyclability, helping you reduce your own carbon footprint, making it sustainable building material. The EPS’ closed cell insulation keeps it mould-free and moisture resistant, dimensionally stable and also noise-resistant.
A strong roofing system with the right insulation plays a major role in the climate control of your living space, keeping it safe from the damaging effects of natural elements, and of course, saving maintenance costs.

Insulated panels are the building material of the future, because of their minimal carbon footprint and significant energy savings. Besides the lightweight material, resulting in tremendous transportation costs, a major concern for builders, the entire roofing material is delivered in kit form at the installation site. This means no wastage and quick installation, with practically no onsite preparation or wastage of material. The easy tongue and groove fitting system does not require specialised skills.

Please contact us for a more comprehensive discussion on how our insulated roofing panels can result in cost savings.

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