Intastor’s innovative insulated modular panels make low cost housing a reality in South Africa

When Intastor Controlled Environments successfully completed the first phase of Delft TRA low cost housing project, using our proprietary modular insulated panels to create affordable yet structurally sound homes, it was a major milestone and a proven fast track solution to the housing backlog in South Africa. These homes were supplied in kit form, resulting in quick installations deploying and training teams from the local community.

Why use insulated panels?

Insulated panels have revolutionised commercial and residential construction with their high performance and design flexibility, durability, strength, economy and low maintenance. Versatile, efficient and economical, they are lightweight and efficient building systems. At Intastor, we manufacture our own insulated panels. Specific advantages are:

  • Customisable to any size and application.
  • Saves time, labor and money due to the shorter construction time involved. The panels are available in any length. Doors are pre-fabricated in a single panel and easily installed on site.
  • No thermal breaks, saving energy.
  • No long-term R-Value loss.

The exceptional performance of EPS insulation offers the construction industry an innovative way to achieve new energy efficiency goals, in addition to providing an environmentally responsible choice.

How are the insulated panels manufactured?

Intastor modular insulated panels are produced on the automated FEBO line panel manufacturing system capable of producing 30,000m2 of panel per month (without overtime). Two coils are fed into a 60m line together with EPS cores. Here the sheets are roll-formed, bonded and cut to length. This machine can also produce IBR insulated roof panels.

More about the Delft TRA low cost housing project

Intastor Controlled Environments successfully completed the Delft TRA project along with Citrine Construction and ASLA Construction in 2010 for the Western Cape Department of Human Settlements. This project required the manufacture and installation of more than 1000 TRA houses and we achieved this in a record four months. The homes were built using the Intastor insulated modular tongue and groove panel system. The local communities were trained to erect the homes.   The entire house was delivered to site in kit form and the modular panels, doors and windows were fitted on site, taking an average eight hour day to erect one 48m2 TRA unit.

The most rewarding part of the project was the positive response of the resident families who invited our local photographer to take pictures to show off their homes. Besides the visual appeal, these homes are structurally sound and energy-efficient, and the occupants will enjoy reduced heating costs in winter and reduced cooling costs in summer. The houses are also low maintenance.

ASLA appointed Intastor last week for the manufacture and erection of a further 224 TRA houses. This work commences around June 1 2013 and is expected to be completed in less than 3 months.

Easy to install, modular insulated panels find an application across virtually every industry for a wide range of applications.  Examples are controlled atmosphere rooms, packhouse storerooms and infrastructure, food distribution centers, recladding of old buildings, low cost housing, schools and classrooms, crèches, offices, site accommodation, ablution facilities and many more.

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