Modular EPS insulated constructions vs. traditional constructions

Buildings, both residential and commercial, cost money. The expense is not just in the construction but also extends to its operational and maintenance aspects. Architects and builders are constantly trying to maximise their budgets to come up with cost-effective solutions. In this situation, building materials such as Intastor’s modular EPS insulated panels offer an innovative option that scores high in savings related to construction as well as maintenance, compared to traditional constructions.

Here is a brief overview of the benefits of modular EPS insulated construction in comparison to traditional building methods.

What is modular construction?

Intastor’s modular EPS insulated panels are pre-engineered to customer specifications, offering the flexibility to meet any requirement. They are stronger and more durable than conventional building materials and allow expansion, ease of relocation and easy maintenance while being completely recyclable. The biggest benefit is the cost savings – and this includes the cost of construction, material, maintenance, labour and speed of construction.

Why choose modular panels over traditional construction?

Modular panels have the following advantages over traditional construction:

  • Pre-fabricated insulated panels do not require skilled labour to erect the building. The building can be raised with local support with minimal training, saving labour costs. The panels arrive, ready to install at the construction site and no preparation is involved. This means zero material wastage as well as major savings in transportation costs, which is usually the case with conventional buildings. There are no disruptions in operations for commercial constructions.
  • Intastor’s EPS insulated panels require very little maintenance. The pre-finished surface does not need to be painted periodically to keep it looking good. An occasional wipe to remove dust, which is easy to clean, is sufficient. Traditional constructions require regular maintenance and repairs, in addition to the cost of material used and labour costs.
  • EPS insulated modular panels can be relocated just about anywhere. This means flexibility to cater to the client’s needs and construction only when required. This means a faster return on investment.
  • Insulated panels double up as sound proofing, significantly reducing noise levels, which is conducive to more productivity, besides being highly durable, while maintaining indoor air quality and meeting high standards of hygiene for a variety of applications.
  • The innovative material in modular insulated panels is resistant to moisture, stains, fire, pests and mould. This keeps it looking good for decades. Even in high humidity and changes in weather conditions, unlike conventional construction that is prone to warping, modular panels continue to perform without deteriorating regardless of where they are used.
  • The design flexibility is a major advantage over traditional building as doors, walls and window panels can easily be interchanged to fit where they are required without disturbing the structure. The panels are available in a variety of thicknesses to adjust for the application, without compromising on R value.
  • The biggest benefit is the energy savings due to their excellent thermal insulation, besides being 100% nontoxic and eco-friendly.

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