Modular EPS insulated panels for the construction of wineries and wine cellars

At Intastor, we manufacture and supply durable and high quality insulated and pre-painted mild steel substrate roofing, flooring and wall panels with high-quality EPS insulation core. Architects, designers and builders use these panels in a variety of commercial, industrial and residential projects.

An emerging application of our EPS insulated modular panels is in building energy-efficient wineries and wine cellars where temperature, humidity climate control and antibacterial protection is paramount.

The most important criterion in preserving the integrity of wine is temperature control. To age properly, wine must be stored in a specific temperature range that is consistently maintained. Our panels make construction cost-effective and low maintenance. Being CFC and HCFC free, our panels are environmentally-friendly and qualify as green building material, helping you reduce your carbon footprint.

Why EPS insulation is the right choice for wineries

EPS (or expanded polystyrene) is now widely used in wine cellar insulation for energy efficiency. Our state-of-the-art continuous line laminator can produce more than 30 000 square meters per month on a single shift system, ensuring uniform quality and making it easy to custom-tailor the length to just about any height, without compromising on R-value and thermal efficiency.

Here are more benefits:

  • Our modular panels are easy to install, and do not require skilled labour, thereby resulting in tremendous savings in construction time and costs. Since the panels are delivered as ready to assemble kits, wastage is minimal.
  • EPS insulation is lightweight, yet dimensionally stable – offering high thermal performance. It guarantees the necessary R-value which does not change over time, making it perfect for breweries and wineries, as well as clean rooms, coolers, freezers, corridors, sanitary rooms, storage rooms, retrofits, internal partitions and much more.
  • Consistent R-value minimizes the hot and cold spots and air draft, ensuring a hygienic and stable internal environment.
  • EPS insulation is moisture resistant, which means no entry for mould or mildew and no contamination by pests.
  • Our panels maintain temperature and humidity, which is crucial for the natural aging of wine, preventing it from aging too fast. Low humidity can result in the corks drying and contracting, allowing air to get in, turning the wine into vinegar. If humidity levels are high, the cold and hot air on both sides of the wall cause condensation, resulting in mould and contamination. With the right humidity, the corks seal the wine properly, ensuring that the wines age just as intended.
  • The high thermal barrier envelope and vapour resistance means significant energy saving R-value for consistent thermal performance and a tight building envelope.
  • The tongue and groove system creates a continuous air and moisture barrier that boosts energy efficiency and reduces building time.
  • Intastor’s modular panels are inherently hygienic, ensuring anti-bacterial protection, preventing cross-contamination.
  • Intastor’s panels help reduce energy consumption since the materials used in the panels are recyclable.
  • Aesthetically pleasing, our panels can be manufactured in a range of thicknesses, colours and finishes, based on custom requirements.
  • When there is vibration from noise or the operation of machinery, it can disturb the sediment in wine bottles, speeding up chemical reactions. To mature naturally, wine must be kept in a cool dark place. Our panels have the added benefit of soundproofing, thereby reducing noise.
  • Practically maintenance-free performance.

Whether building an entire winery or adding a wine cellar to a residence, EPS insulated panels are stable and cost-effective, both for above ground and underground cellars. At Intastor we manage everything from design, fabrication, production and installation. We also supply the accessories. For more information, please get in touch with us.

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