We provide innovative insulated panel solutions for a wide range of applications including controlled atmosphere rooms, preparation rooms, chicken houses, ceiling insulation, low cost housing, schools, classrooms and much more.

Intastor Controlled Environments, an iMvula Group company, provides an excellent fast-track, cost-effective and thermally efficient housing and amenities alternative that can be delivered at very short notice. We are able to empower our local communities by involving them in the delivery process if desired.

We are proud of our track record of providing innovative insulated panel solutions for a wide range of applications including controlled atmosphere rooms, preparation rooms, loading areas, smoking tunnels, packing stores, chicken houses, drying chambers, roof sheeting and ceiling insulation, low cost housing, schools and classrooms, offices, site accommodation, ablution facilities and much more.

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Besides manufacturing insulated panels we also design and build specialist energy efficient, climate controlled, and sterile environments for extensive commercial, residential and industrial applications.  Please visit our project portfolio for more information.

Our range of products for insulated panel structures includes the following:

  • Controlled atmosphere rooms
    • An airtight room is essential for the ripening control of deciduous and citrus fruits
    • Vegetables
    • Tobacco leaves
    • Insect hatcheries
    • Chicken houses
    • Broiler houses
    • Sub-tropical fruits

  • Packhouse storerooms and infrastructure
    • Pre-cooling tunnels
    • Pallet stores
    • Loading airlocks
    • Controlled atmosphere bulk stores
    • Regular atmosphere bulk stores

  • Food distribution centres
    • Used by major retails chains as a central store to distribute fresh and frozen foods to local outlets on a daily basis
    • Picking areas
    • Coldrooms
      • Fish
      • Meat
      • Poultry
    • Banana ripening
    • Low temperature freezers
    • Docking sheltors
    • Roof sheeting and ceiling insulation
    • Our roofing system provides a rain barrier at the same time as providing insulation from the elements

  • Re-cladding of old buildings
    • Old building can be given a new lease on life using our panel system providing a clean and modern exterior finish
    • Construction industry
    • Site office
    • Administration bildings
    • IBR roofing panels
    • Suspended ceilings
    • Internal partitions
    • Store rooms
    • Ablution blocks
    • Security kiosks
    • Timber drying tunnels
    • Community upliftment
    • Disaster housing
    • Temporary housing
    • Ablution blocks
    • Community centres
    • Medical clinics
    • Churches

  • Social needs
    • Schools infrastructure
    • Housing
    • Classrooms
    • School feeding kitchens

  • Perishables
    • Clean working rooms
    • Plate freezers
    • Blast freezers
    • Food processing facilities
    • QC Rooms

  • Other
    • Mine camp infrastructure
    • Security units
    • Relocatable buildings

    Some of the significant benefits of using our insulated panel products are:

    • Energy efficient environments optimised for maximum savings
    • Highest standards of hygiene for application in the food industry
    • Durability and resistance to surface damage
    • Functional yet appealing
    • Cost-effective
    • Easy installation
    • Time efficient with fast build time
    • Innovative uses

We firmly believe that for a project to be successful it takes strong customer relationships and great team work, and you can depend on us for complete support from design through completion.

An overview of our turnkey solution

Intastor’s unique advantage is the ability to provide custom design consultation, installation and insulation to match specific client needs. Our turnkey services include:


Intastor’s manufacturing capacity is approximately 30 000m2 of panels each month, based on a single shift, 5-day week basis. We manufacture insulated modular panels, insulated roofing panels, modular wall panels for roofing systems used in cladding walls.

Our expanded polystyrene insulation is manufactured by our sister company, Isolite at their plant whose capacity is more than 450m3 per day, equivalent to 12 000m2 of 40mm panels per day with a state of the art block mould efficiently producing high quality EPS blocks

We are your ideal choice for temperature controlled space enclosures. For your next project which needs include the design, manufacture and installation of insulated panels for refrigerated or environmentally controlled space, contact us.

Roofing and Sheeting Solutions

Intastor produces insulated roofing panels with the highest structural strength, ease of installation and aesthetics.  This allows clients to fast track the cladding of roofs without the expense of extensive supporting trusses and beams.  Recommended spans typically conform to the standards set by the TPMA.  The sheeting product likewise compliments the roofing system for use in cladding roofs, walls and other vertical structures and can be produced in two different profiles by simply placing the outer finish of the material on the reverse side.


Intastor’s sister company IsoLite provides the insulation manufactured at its state of the art fully automated block moulding plant. The result is consistently high quality blocks within the specifications set by the industry.  These blocks are then passed through a fully automated cutting line which uses vibrating heated cutting wires.  This produces a high quality finish to the final product without corrugation of any kind.  IsoLite is a member of EP SASA and is certified to conform to their standards.

Fire and safety

Extensive testing has been done on the structure by FireLab who performed a full scale burnout test to simulate the behaviour of the structure when on fire.  Items of furniture were placed inside the building and set alight by simulating a typical paraffin stove fire.  The tests indicate that the structure allows adequate time for occupants to escape from the building and that the structure only collapsed after 25 minutes.

Skill development and training

The ICE TRA low cost housing project, not only provides an interim solution for the transition of people from shack dwelling to traditional housing, but also provides an opportunity for skills development in the poorer areas of South Africa and its neighbouring countries through local community projects. We take pride in supporting the development of skills training through our training programs.

Qualified and knowledgeable staff

Our qualified professional staff brings years of hands-on industry experience and is dedicated to stringent quality control, superior performance and customer delight, right from the  planning stages to project completion.

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How we work

At Intastor, our aim is to achieve a well-planned, well-designed product. We ensure that our clients’ projects are completed to their exact specifications by doing the following:

  • Needs analysis and evaluation to provide a customised solution – We begin with a needs analysis by studying your specific requirements to define the project’s scope. We assess the critical factors such as temperature requirements, materials and project goals and location, based on which we arrive at the product specifications for the insulated panels.
  • During the design phase we draft design ideas with the help of our state of the art AutoCAD system, to clearly define the project and give you an accurate idea of the finished product. This helps enhance cost effectiveness and ensures quality design and timely delivery.
  • We make use of in-house manufacturing using premium grade raw materials to produce superior quality energy efficient insulated panels.
  • Quality installation at the promised time. Our product offers the flexibility of onsite modifications.

You can rest assured that Intastor will complete your project on time, within budget and to your specifications.

Please take a look at our projects portfolio.