Setting up a construction site office using Intastor’s EPS insulated panels

Site offices are crucial workspaces on construction sites. Unlike normal buildings, site offices are temporary structures and have to accommodate the needs of that specific site. Two critical factors that apply here are sustainability and environmental performance, since the site office must ensure that there is no waste of energy and resources.

Generally, site offices are the first structures on a construction site at the start of the project. When the construction is complete, they are dismantled.

Considering that flexibility and the ability to reuse the material are the hallmarks of an efficient site office, Intastor’s high quality insulated and pre-painted mild steel substrate panels meet both requirements, making it easy to construct them, particularly in densely populated areas. In addition, assembly is easy and quick and affordable.

Site offices built with Intastor’s Isospan EPS insulated panels can be relocated and reused, unlike permanent structures whose designs have fixed utility and occupancy. This makes our EPS modular panels a worthwhile investment.

Some of the unique advantages of site offices constructed with Intastor’s panels are:

Ease of construction

Conventional construction uses skilled labour that can be difficult to access in remote areas, proving to be an expensive proposition. The units made with Intastor’s modular panels are made to exact specifications and delivered in kit form, and thereafter, easily built due to the tongue and groove snap fit system. Constructing the site office from our panels does not need specialized skills, and hence, local labour can be utilized.

Minimal wastage

The required structure is manufactured to exact specifications at our in-house plant under stringent quality control conditions and transported as a boxed kit to the site. As a result, adjustments, if any, are rarely required and can be done on the spot. This eliminates wastage.

Resistance to mould and pests

Intastor’s Isospan modular EPS insulated panels are moisture resistant, making them unattractive to pests and discouraging mould. This keeps the structure hygienic and reduces maintenance, and thereby costs.

Sustainable and reusable

EPS insulated panels are classified as green building material and reduce the builder’s carbon footprint. While the panels have a lifecycle that match the lifecycle of the structure, if the building has to be demolished, the material is entirely recyclable, and does not contribute to landfills. This makes them sustainable.

Consistent R-value

Our panels are thermally efficient throughout their life and offer consistent R-value, which means tremendous long-term energy savings.


Depending on the size of the site office, our panels can be manufactured to various thicknesses and lengths to suit specifications.

Sturdy, all-weather-proof

The steel-clad modular panels have the structural strength of steel and are sturdy. The units can withstand extreme weather conditions, while keeping the working space comfortable.


In terms of cost, our EPS insulated panels are definitely more economical than conventional constructions. They are often used to retrofit existing buildings to increase their energy efficiency. Since the panels have finished surfaces, they are maintenance-free, adding to the savings component. Moreover, since the panels are lightweight, transportation is also economical as more material can be ferried to the site efficiently.

Site offices can be relocated easily across sites, doing away with the need to build a new structure, making them a cost-effective solution. They can also be expanded, if necessary.

To find out how Intastor’s EPS insulated modular panels can offer your next construction project the flexibility and cost-efficiency you are looking for, please get in touch with us.

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