Shoprite Checkers Port Elizabeth

Intastor’s innovative insulated modular panels are used in a diverse range of applications and industries. Besides making low cost housing a reality in South Africa, we also use our panels to build schools, kitchens and classrooms, taking the benefits of budget-friendly construction and sustainable building that is an eco-friendly option and easy to install.

Today, we would like to share the story of one of our most challenging projects – Shoprite Checkers Port Elizabeth.

The scope of the contract

In May 2012, Intastor was appointed as a nominated subcontractor by Neil Muller Construction (NMC). The contract included the supply and installation of a prefabricated insulated panel structure for Freshmark, the fresh produce division of Shoprite Checkers. This is a 16000m2 distribution centre in Port Elizabeth which services the entire Eastern Cape area.  The scope of work also included the provision of a special fire wall with a two-hour fire rating as per the client’s specifications.  The contract was managed by WSP Consulting Engineers and Intastor worked closely with both them and NMC to ensure that the highest quality standards were adhered to and service levels are maintained at all time.

freshmark in port elizabeth construction

The challenges

The client wanted the facility to be erected in record time. The R10 million insulated panel facility spans heights between 12m and 16.8m at its highest point providing great challenges for Intastor.  But there was a bigger and unusual challenge awaiting us even before we began the first phase – clearing the site. The site was populated by a number of snakes which had to be removed from the site before we could proceed with the work. There were non-dangerous as well as dangerous types. Take a look at the picture below!

snakes on construction site

In addition, our staff and workers had to work at extreme heights, bringing to the forefront the need for health and safety measures. At Intastor, we have a comprehensive occupational health and safety policy in place for our own staff as well as all those involved in building, delivering and installing our products. This enables our employees to come to work, confident that their well-being is our prime concern, and that they will return home without injury at the end of each day.

freshmark PE construction

Unexpectedly, just when we had everything scheduled and going according to plan, there were delays in roof sheeting installation. This made things even more challenging as it meant the staff had to work in difficult rainy conditions.

Despite this, the Intastor team completed the project in five months, which was well within the stipulated timeframe. This was made possible because we design, manufacture and install our own insulated modular panels. The expanded polystyrene insulation is produced at our own manufacturing facility. Our high-volume continuous laminating machine line facility for modular panels facilitates completion of projects on time keeping costs under control and helping us stick to budget.

building the freshmark in port elizabeth

Please do take a look at our project portfolio for an idea of the various applications in which our insulated modular panels are used. With the Shoprite Checkers Port Elizabeth project, Intastor has added yet another feather to its cap by tackling unique challenges involved.

If you are planning an unusual residential or commercial construction project that you need to complete in a specific timeframe while sticking to cost-effective solutions, do contact us to discuss your specifications.

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