The growth of EPS modular panels in the agricultural industry

Intastor’s EPS insulated modular panels are used across a number of industries, besides being used in residential construction. Cost-effective in the long run, modular panels have a number of advantages over traditional construction which makes them suitable for residential and commercial use.

One of the popular applications for insulated modular panels is in the agricultural industry, which is constantly growing and involves a lot of activity. The prefabricated panels are not only used in new construction, but also when an addition has to be made to an existing building.

With EPS modular panels, construction is easy with the tongue and groove snap fit system. The building package includes everything required for raising the structure and this makes it competitive both in price and quality of construction.

Some of the ways in which Intastor’s EPS insulated panels are used in the agricultural industry are:

Storage barns, sheds and buildings

EPS panels are ideally suited for energy-saving storage buildings. Based on the exact specifications, these sheds can be prebuilt and delivered ready to install at the site. Skilled labour is not required to assemble them as the panels are marked and just have to be snap-fitted to take shape. The structure can withstand extreme weather conditions in addition to being easy to maintain and does not require expensive care unlike traditional construction. Also, it is resistant to moisture, thereby keeping away pests and mould, a property that is especially important in the agriculture industry.

Buildings to house livestock

Our energy saving EPS modular panels offer the perfect solution to house livestock. With their design flexibility, the building can be built in any size or shape with the facility to expand when required. Modular panels can also be used to construct enclosures for poultry depending on the exact needs. Even temporary constructions are cost-effective as they can be dismantled after use and reused making them sought after by designers and architects alike.

Office buildings

An office cabin can quickly be erected. The excellent insulation properties of EPS makes the panels come together to form a tight building envelope that prevents the wastage of air, bringing down energy bills and prolonging the life of the energy equipment.

Storage of fodder and grain is especially safe in EPS modular panel constructions as they are moisture resistant and also resistant to fire.

The construction can be with panels of a variety of thicknesses based on the application for which it is being used. This does not affect the R value. During construction, there is no wastage of materials as the panels arrive pre-cut and ready to install plus our EPS panels are also sound proof as an added bonus.

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