Why EPS modular panels are cost-effective in the long term

Today, an increasing number of builders and developers have become conscious about eco-friendly building material that saves energy in the long term and is budget-friendly, besides reducing their carbon footprint.  Traditional construction does not always offer the flexibility without the added expense. In this scenario, Intastor’s EPS modular panels offer a refreshing alternative with a host of benefits that includes long term cost savings.

The modular panels from Intastor use energy efficient material and are manufactured inhouse to customer specifications, based on the project for which they are used.  The EPS insulated wall and roof panels are structured to save energy costs in the future. These panels can also be retrofitted to existing constructions to increase their energy-efficiency.

Design flexibility

With a variety of profile finishes and thicknesses, modular panels are ideal for interior as well as exterior use. Architects appreciate the flexibility offered by these panels as they can create the design, allowing for future expansion. The panels can be cut to any shape and size depending on the application.

Faster constructions

As the panels are prefabricated and delivered ready-to-assemble at the construction site, the build time is far quicker as there is no material preparation on site. In fact, assembly does not require skilled labour and can be completed within hours with the simple tongue and groove fitting system. Even the doors and windows are pre-cut and can be fitted on site.

Eco-friendly “green” construction

Intastor’s EPS insulated modular panels are constructed from 100% recyclable material. The EPS is non-toxic and does not expand with time. The high R value offers excellent thermal properties, enabling efficient energy control. The speed of construction also contributes to minimized impact on the environment.  The superior insulation extends the life of the heating and cooling equipment, resulting in lower energy bills and better indoor air quality.

Cost effective

Modular panels are sturdy and suitable for all types of applications from low cost housing to schools, kitchens, warehouses, cold room applications covering a range of load bearing and non-load bearing applications. The elimination of additional support and easy maintenance makes them cost-effective in the long run. Being lightweight and delivered as the finished product on site means lower transportation costs and zero debris.

Superior insulation and fire rating 

Intastor’s EPS insulated modular panels need less energy to heat or cool living spaces and this benefits the environment while saving energy costs. The panels are tested for fire resistance and meet all the necessary building codes.

A word about EPS insulation

EPS or expanded polystyrene is a proven insulation material that has been used in a variety of high profile applications for temperature control across various industries. With its impressive strength to weight ratio yet light weight properties, it offers a cost-effective solution in times where building costs are skyrocketing. The added advantage is lower foundation, framing and installation costs.

In general, the energy savings resulting from Intastor’s EPS insulated modular panels is far superior to any other construction material. The building construction costs can practically be recovered from the energy savings.

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