Why EPS modular panels are preferred in cold storage applications

Cold storage facilities are critical requirements to handle and store food products and other materials safely. The ability to keep these goods in a suitable environment that has the right conditions to sustain its freshness, makes it possible to make them available to the market.

Intastor’s EPS or expanded polystyrene insulated modular panels are perfect for building cold storage applications that are essential to the storage of food, flowers, pharmaceutical products and other goods that are sensitive to temperature. EPS panels can withstand extremes in temperature ranging from normal room temperature to as low as -100ºC. Our modular panels have the quality of construction and sustainability required to maintain these temperatures without energy loss.

EPS insulated modular panels also have the following features:

  • Consistent thermal resistance and R value with lowest cost per R
  • Stable dimensions, staying weatherproof
  • Sustainability in addition to being 100% non-toxic
  • Closed cell structure that resists moisture and pests, termites and mould making it suitable even in damp conditions
  • Quick assembly as a result of its tongue and groove snap fit system, making it easy to construct from the ready to assemble kit delivered on site. There is no wastage of material at site with the doors and windows pre-cut for quick installation
  • Design flexibility. The panels can be made in any size to suit the décor and theme required
  • EPS modular panels are tested for fire resistance and this makes them safe, ensuring that the material stored in them is unaffected by temperature changes in the environment.
  • Can be expanded on the go and dismantled as and when needed
  • Highest level of hygiene, meeting the regulatory standards. Easy to clean and maintain. The seamless surface can simply be wiped clean or washed to look as good as new again. This keeps the dust out and keeps the stored material safe from contamination.
  • Cold storage applications are energy intensive and the Intastor EPS panel scores on this account by being highly energy efficient. It prolongs the life of the heating and cooling equipment thanks to the reduced energy loss. The tight building envelope ensures that there is no heat or cooling loss as the joints are airtight. This helps maintain constant temperatures for as long as is required.
  • An additional advantage is that EPS insulated panels double up as sound proofing.
  • Classified as green building material as it is free from CFC, non-toxic and sustainable besides being completely recyclable.
  • Installation can be done in tight spaces maximising space available

Last but not least, constructing with EPS insulated panels results in huge long term savings without compromising on performance.

For more information about how Intastor’s EPS insulated modular panels can be of benefit to you, please contact us.

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