Why Isospan Panels Installed by Intastor are more economical/the wisest choice in the long run

For several years now, Intastor has been delivering cost effective green housing that is thermally efficient and fire-resistant. The modular approach with superior steel clad panels saves time and costs while empowering the local community in the process.

Intastor’s Isospan panels are used in a variety of projects, both commercial and residential. They can be used for constructions of all types and sizes, including low-cost housing projects, kitchen projects, schools, malls, warehouses, and restaurants. These panels are especially suitable for environments like pharmaceutical projects, cold rooms, agriculture, food storage, etc. where hygiene is a critical factor.

As leading manufacturers and suppliers of quality steel clad EPS insulated modular panels across South Africa and the larger African continent, Intastor meets strict quality specifications of different construction requirements.

Why are Intastor’s Isospan panels more economical?

  • The Isospan modular panels are easy to install. This saves time, labour, and related costs. The custom design also meets budgetary constraints.
  • Intastor panels promote the empowerment of the local community by involving them in the assembly process. Since the panels and accessories are delivered in kit form, no special skills are required in the construction process. Community members are quickly trained and participate in erecting the structure, giving them a sense of pride, while creating employment opportunities.
  • The panels are high on safety because of the locking system. This makes them more secure, especially in high crime localities as well as safe against fire hazards.
  • The EPS insulated steel clad panels make the living space cooler in summer and warmer in winter, thus saving on energy bills.
  • Since the base steel sheet skins are coated with a 150-micron Aluzinc coating, the panels’ corrosion resistance is 50% better than other local manufacturers’ panels. This prevents damage due to moisture and keeps pests away.
  • The paint finish on the Isospan panels are 25% thicker on both primer and top coats, offering a superior finish that requires practically no maintenance or repainting.
  • Since the panels are manufactured on a continuous production line, high quality of adhesion and adherence to size specifications is guaranteed.
  • Steel itself is a light and durable material, making it easy to transport, saving on transportation costs.
  • Steel’s structural integrity and ability to withstand extreme temperatures, along with its high R-value due to the EPS insulation, ensures that the construction does not experience any expansion or contraction, regardless of the temperatures it is exposed to.

How are Intastor Isospan panels manufactured?

Our main specialty is our in-house manufacturing facility. The insulated wall and ceiling panels, along with ancillary components are produced on a continuous automated panel lamination line. In this process, the colour coded rolled steel sheets are laminated onto a polystyrene core with profiled interlocking joints. These are then automatically cut to the required length, according to project specifications, resulting in a modular panel system that makes an excellent, cost-effective choice.

Panels, components, and bases are supplied in kit form for easy installation, along with structural frames, support brackets, clamping bars, bolts and fixings, high-density fibre-cement flooring boards,  wall and roof panels, vents, flashings, and silicone for sealing eaves and walls. The pre-painted steel colours are typically white for rooftop and bottom, interior walls, internal trims and internal doors, while the exterior window panel, walls, doors, doorframes and external trims are colours to match.

With its record for fast track cost-effective construction alternatives delivered quickly and erected efficiently, Intastor Isospan panels are proving to be the best alternative to traditional brick and mortar construction. As a greener construction solution, they also make the wisest choice in the long run.

To explore how Intastor steel clad modular insulated panels can be more economic for your project, please contact us

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