Why modular panels are reliable in meeting building project deadlines

In the construction world, one of the most important criteria that differentiate reliable builders is their ability to honour the deadlines they commit to their clients. Intastor’s modular insulated panels offer a building system that accelerates the construction process without compromising on quality while also offering the added advantage of cutting costs.

Revolutionizing the construction industry

Insulated panels are the construction materials of the future. The inventive technology used in the construction of the panels makes them sturdy and durable. They are pre-fabricated with insulation, and pre-cut to size as per exact specifications. Continuous thermal insulation across the entire dimension results in reduced heat loss due to thermal bridging. They can be cut to any shape and size and are a boon for architects and designers with their flexibility.

Easy to erect

Intastor’s EPS insulated panels do not require special skilled labour and combined with the fact that the panels are delivered ready-to-assemble at the building site with no further need for material preparation, this drastically reduces the construction time for builders, enabling them to keep their deadlines. Furthermore, material wastage is eliminated, leading to more savings and eliminating the need for transportation costs.

Erection is a fairly easy affair using the tongue and groove system to snap fit the panels, creating a tight building envelope that minimizes energy loss and maximizes performance. The doors and windows are also pre-cut and they only have to be fitted.


Intastor’s pre-engineered modular EPS insualted panels are manufactured in-house to strict quality specifications. They are uniformly flat and available in a variety of finishes for design aesthetics and can be made to suit any décor preferences. The installation of interior finishes, cabinetry, moulding and flooring is quick, thanks to the flat surface. The precision in production results in perfect dimensions and a tight building envelope which reduces energy bills sizeably, immediately and in the long run.

Less is more

One step takes care of several building needs as insulated modular panels take care of the following: framing, insulation and soundproofing with a single product, saving significant labour costs and time. This does away with various steps in the conventional construction process where framing, insulation and soundproofing are individual steps and involve time and labour. Construction is simplified as local labour can be employed in erecting the structure, which means less training and lower production rates.

All weather building material

Modular insulated panels are ideally suited for all weather conditions including rainy, humid, damp, warm and cold climates as the material is impervious to heat and cold and moisture and fire resistant, keeping away mould and pests.

Intastor’s modular EPS insulated panels were used in successfully completing the Delft TRA project in 2010 for the Western Cape Department of Human Settlements. This project involved the manufacture and construction of more than 1000 TRA houses that was completed in a record time of four months. Local communities were trained and employed in erecting these homes. Each TRA home unit took an average 8 hour day to assemble.

Intastor’s panels are also used in a variety of other applications such as schools, warehouses, kitchens, existing building retrofits to increase energy efficiency and in high tech industries like the pharmaceutical, food and agricultural industry where hygiene is a critical consideration.

In fact, our versatile panels can be used to save time, money and energy in any type of construction project, of any size. For more information, please contact us.